MeLange Cosmetics: Let us introduce ourselves...

  As Licensed Cosmetologist, I dare to say that beauty is in our blood.   With over 50 years of combined experience in the beauty industry, we have seen, heard and tried just about everything.

Throughout our careers, we have talked with many women and have heard their comments on the products they were using. They have also told us what they want in their makeup and skincare products and ~ we listened!

 Now, we have brought the very best to you! Products that are natural, healthy, provide wonderful coverage and always consistent in quality.


MeLange Cosmetics was founded in 2002 by Kathy Hecker and  Lori Haisley (mother and daughter) in Fairmount, Indiana.  We started making products for self use in a small workshop in our home.  Relatives and neighbors soon started questioning what we were doing that made our skin look so good.  So we introduced them to our "secret" and gave them "kitchen makeovers."  They were so impressed with the products, how their skin felt and complexionslooked, that they offered to purchase some of our products.  And there it all started!

(Kathy & Lori in our workshop during an interview)

  We soon grew out of our small workshop at home and moved our production area in to a 2 story building in beautiful downtown Fairmount, which allowed us to also open a Studio Salon for ladies to come in for make-overs, facials and waxing services.

 We oversee every aspect of our business, from manufacturing, packaging, labeling to shipping.

 Like so many of you, we have tried hundreds of products only to be disappointed with the results. This is the reason we decided to produce MeLange. Now, we know that only the finest ingredients are used on our skin and that these products deliver.  If we try a product and it does not live up to our standards, we know it will not meet your standards either.

MeLange Cosmetics provides great healthy skincare and mineral color cosmetics that will produce results, beautiful skin and great coverage that will last all day! You have our word on it!

We strive to work with our clients and listen to your needs. Feel free to email us with any skin or makeup questions. We are always available to help.

To a Natural, Beautiful You ~
Lori & Kathy


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