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  • Hi Lori:

    I just wanted to tell you and Kathy that I LOVE your makeup, especially the foundation. I sampled a lot of mineral makeup brands before trying your sampler kit, and I can truly say that Melange is the best for me and held up in "testing" against several other brands. It's the best match for my skin (#1 is the best neutral I've ever found), has awesome staying power, a beautiful, natural, dewy finish (I'd never gotten compliments on my makeup until I used mineral makeup, and most if not all of them I've gotten since using Melange...a coworker said my makeup always looked terrific and very natural, like I had perfect skin, and considering I have anything but perfect skin, that was quite a compliment), and covers any imperfection flawlessly.

    I have confidence knowing even if I woke up with a giant red zit, I can cover it up no problem and make that zit invisible. I've compared Melange to many other brands and nothing suits my combination skin like it. It helps my dry areas look smooth, and where I'm oily, it tones it down just enough so I don't look shiny and greasy. I now make sure I have an extra #1 foundation around just in case, because no other foundation will cut it, and I'm taking no chances.

    I've also tried your blushes and lip powders, and love the staying power.
    Mocha and Apricot Bloom are two of my favorites, and Mocha is the perfect neutral brown blush that I find myself reaching for whenever I wear brown because it's a great match. I also love the Illumi-Finish powder--it's light and goes on smoothly, yet combats the oilies I get on my cheeks and forehead.

    Please, never stop making your foundation! I would be beside myself. I love your products, and wanted to let you know. Often, companies hear only about the negatives, and not enough about the positives. I tell everyone who compliments my makeup what I use and where to find it. It's the best!


  • HI,
    I got my order of foundation yesterday and I have to say that I am very impressed with the size of the jar and I just love the foundation.
    I have just ordered the light concealer and a sample of the illumi finish powder and the #1 foundation to try for days that I really dont need the yellow so much. I am hoping that the concealer is not too dark for me as many that I try are but I am very excited to find such a lovely new foundation and a company that communicates as well. Also I find that your website is easy to navigate.
  • Hi Lori, 

    I have tried so many of the mineral cosmetics on the market today and I absolutely love MeLange the most!  I don't like the shiny or dead-matte look that others have.  Yours is just the right balance and provides a youthful glow.  It is a product for every age, whether your a teenager or a 53 year old like me.  It feels like your not wearing any makeup at all, but most of all it is a sunscreen and good for your skin.  I also have some rosacea and it covers beautifully.  If you like the beach or pool as I do, this won't melt or wash off , it is very water resistant. Your mineral makeup is the best quality and value on the market and your service is second to none!  I would recommend  MeLange cosmetics  to anyone, you can't make a mistake with this makeup!

    Thank you,

    Paula Couto,  No. Dartmouth, MA


  • Just a note to say thanks for such great service. I received my foundations and freebie concealer sample today (UK) - now that's what I call FAASSST!!

    I have only tested them on the back of my hand but I can see your minerals are my favourite texture - creamy but with a hint of very fine mica particles. I look forward to wearing them on my face!!!

    I was also very pleased with the large jars and I am very glad you are now shipping internationally.

    Thanks again

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