MeLange Mineral Questions

Q: I need a foundation that provides great coverage, does MeLange Mineral Powder cover well?

A: Yes, our powder foundations will cover a multitude of issues, blemishes, scars, age spots rosacea and redness. We also offer our Conceal~It, for areas that need a little extra coverage.

In this before and after picture the model has rosacea, larger pores and smile lines. Look at the difference in the after picture. The redness from the rosacea is covered, pores look smaller and her smile lines are softer. Our model is wearing Foundation #3 with Bliss Blush and Berry Pouty Lip color.

Q: How do you apply mineral foundations?

A: The application of mineral foundations is very easy. Simply shake some of the minerals into the lid of your jar, work the minerals into your Kabuki brush by swirling your brush (the minerals should look like a light dusting on your brush) in the lid, tap your brush on the side of your jar to knock off any excess powder, and then buff the minerals onto your face using both stroke and circular movements to ensure complete coverage and dispersal of the minerals. Remember, two or more light applications of your minerals are better than one heavy application for great coverage. And best of all…NO makeup lines!
Shake, Shake, Shake, Swirl, Swirl, Swirl, Tap, Tap, Tap, Buff, Buff, Buff!

Q: Mineral powders look shiny after I apply them, why is that?

A: Most mineral cosmetics contain an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride. This ingredient is what causes most mineral powders to produce shine. It is called a pearlescent powder that provides a soft silky texture to a product, but also gives you a shiny/glowy appearance. Some people are sensitive to this ingredient and it can cause itching and eye irritation.
We do not use Bismuth Oxychloride in our products. Instead, we use very fine matte sericite product. This gives our product the same silky texture without the shine or irritation!

Q: Do I need to use The Finish finishing powder to set my foundation?

A: Although The Finish product minimizes pores, gives your mineral foundation a super matte finish, helps absorb excess oil and blends all of your cosmetic colors, you do not have to use it. It all depends on what you want your finished look to be.


Q: What is the difference between The Finish and Illumi-Finish?

A: The Finish is for oilier skin types.  It has more oil absorbing properties than the Illumi-Finish. 

 Illumi-Finish is for normal to dry skin types.

Q: Does MeLange minerals offer sun protection? (SPF)

A: All mineral makeup that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide protection from the sun. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide have a SPF rating of 20 by nature of the product itself. Under FDA guidelines however, without expensive testing we cannot indicate the specific level of sun protection of our products.

Q: I have dry skin, can I wear mineral make-up even though it is a dry product?

A: If you have dry skin, you will want to use a good moisturizer like our Chamomile Rose All Day Moisturizing Crème or Botanical Perfecting Crème. Just apply your moisturizer and allow it to penetrate the skin, this should only take a few seconds, then apply your minerals.

Q: Does mineral makeup have an expiration date?

A: No, mineral makeup does not have an expiration date, even though they do not contain preservatives. Mineral cosmetics are made from inorganic ingredients that do not support microbial growth. However, MeLange does provide a small amount of natural Grapefruit Seed Extract in our minerals to help combat cross contamination from skin, to brush, to product. It is important to clean your application brushes on a regular basis. Although your product may be free from bacteria, your brush can be a breeding ground, especially if you have any sinus or skin infections. We recommend you wash your brushes at least every 3 to 4 weeks and more often if you have severe acne, a cold or sinus issues.

Q: How should I clean my brushes?

A: You should clean your brushes every 3 to 4 weeks, more often if you have had a cold or sinus problem, or if you have severe acne. Wash your brushes in warm water with a gentle cleanser (your QuintEssentials cleanser will work for this) and work the cleanser into the brush. Rinse with warm water, squeeze out the excess moisture and let air-dry. It is best to lay your brushes to dry with the handles slightly elevated so the moisture in the hair fibers will come to the tip of your brush. This is very important when cleaning your brushes, especially your Kabuki brush. Because Kabuki brushes are so full of hair fibers, you need to make sure they get dry deep down in the brush. Imagine, if you will, that you just washed you hair and put it in a ponytail holder to let it air dry. The portion of your hair that had the ponytail holder around it will take longer to dry than the rest of your hair. Now consider your brushes, not only do they have a ponytail holder of sorts (the ferrule or metal binding) but they also either have a handle or are completely capped on one end like the Kabuki, so there is only one open end where moisture can escape.

Q: Why are other mineral makeup brands so much more expensive than yours?

A: Simply put, there is no middleman! Here at MeLange, we manufacture, package, label and ship all of our products. We also do not have expensive advertising and packaging that only adds to the cost of each product. In the end, who really cares about that shiny pink jar that ends up in the trash when the product is used up!! We concentrate on the product inside the jar, to ensure to you are getting the best product at the best price!

Here is a price comparison chart of the major mineral makeup brands. All information was gathered at retail websites.

  Mineral Foundations Mineral Setting Powder Mineral Blush Mineral Eyeshadow
1.0 oz. net volume
.65 oz. net weight or 20+ grams
1.0 oz. net volume
.65 oz. net weight
or 18+ grams
.50 oz. net volume
.25 oz. net weight
or 7+ grams
.23 oz. net volume
.13 oz. net weight
or 2+ grams
.3 oz. net weight or 9 grams

.47 oz. net weight

.03 oz. net weight
.02 oz net weight


depending on retailer
.37 oz. net weight
depending on retailer
.35 oz. net weight
depending on retailer
.12 oz. net weight
depending on retailer
.1 oz. net weight
  • Net volume is the capacity of the jar,or the amount of product that the jar will hold.
  • Net Weight is the weight of the product minus the jar, label and powder sifter.
  • The gram weight shown is the net weight converted into grams.

Each cosmetic company packages their products using different methods. We package by net volume, which means the size of the jar determines the amount of product in the jar, not the weight of the product in the jar. What is the difference you ask? Lighter shades of mineral makeup weigh more than darker shades. For example: a 3gr jar of one shade will contain less makeup than a 3gr jar of another shade.

Packaging by volume means that EVERY jar is always full, no matter what shade.

Q: Will this foundation clog my pores?

A: No, mineral foundations let your skin breath and function normally.

Q: Can men wear this make-up?

A: Yes, in fact we have male clients that have discovered our products and love them because our mineral foundations cover redness yet look so natural.

Q: I have very dark circles under my eyes. Will this cover dark circles?

A: Yes, apply a Conceal~It product first. This products has super coverage and is made for stubborn circles or discolored areas. It makes a great eyeshadow primer too! Once you have applied your Conceal~It with a blending brush, to the areas you want covered, apply your mineral foundation as normal. This will blend the two shades together for a flawless finish!

Q: I have scarring from acne, will this makeup cover scars?

A: On skin that has scarring or is uneven, if our mineral foundation does not give you enough coverage, apply Conceal~It to those areas, then blend with your foundation. Also, remember the "highlight the valleys, shadow the mountains" from our Tips & Tricks page? If you put Conceal~It in indented scars or pores it gives your skin the appearance of being smooth, by "bringing out" those areas of your skin.

Q: Why does my foundation look blotchy or uneven and my pores look large?

A: Usually this happens because your moisturizer hasn't had time to be completely absorbed or you are applying the minerals too heavily. Some moisturizers have loads of mineral oil and waxes in them and they just lay on top of the skin surface. Try the QuintEssentials moisturizers. They penetrate the skin fully and solves this problem. Remember, your moisturizer must completely absorb before applying your mineral foundation, although a little moistness is ok for dry skin types. Apply the minerals in light applications.

Another issue that can cause blotchyness is the need to exfoliate.  You should exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells.  Minerals tend to "grab onto" these cells.

Q: Why does my skin have less breakouts now that I have been using MeLange Cosmetics?

A: Our products are pure, natural and good for your skin! Synthetic color, dyes, chemicals and preservatives are the reasons behind most skin sensitivities, allergies and breakouts. Our products do not contain these skin irritating ingredients.

Q: Can you explain the different jar sizes and how much product they hold?

A. Jar size information page


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