The first step to choosing color cosmetics is finding the correct foundation shade for your skin tone.

  • Is your skin ivory, beige, rosy or bronze?
  • Is your tone fair, light, medium or deep?
  • Do you have redness or a sallow skin tone that you want to correct?

These are all questions that you must ask yourself before choosing a foundation shade.

A great foundation color match should blend and even out your skin tone. Remember, your foundation should match the color of your neck as well, so you don’t look like you are wearing a mask or create a makeup line.

To determine the correct color for your foundation, cleanse your face, put on a white shirt and with mirror in hand and in good lighting, look at the coloring of your jaw line, forehead and neck. Natural lighting is best, a northern window on a bright day will work great, or outside but not in direct sunlight. Observe the coloring and color differences. Do you see yellow? Pinkness? Beige?

If you are not sure what color you are seeing, go to your closet and grab some clothes! Get something yellow, pink and tan (light/pastel colors work best). Drape these items one by one over your shoulder and now see if you can pick out your skin tone.

Here are some guidelines to help decide if you are neutral, warm or cool.





Skin Tone:

Fair/light pink,
olive, yellow
Fair/light pink,
olive, yellow
Blue, pink skin


All colors Brunette, red, blonde Blonde, brunette


All colors Brown, green, hazel Blue, violet, gray

Notice that neutral coloring can encompass a lot of people. If your skin tone is truly warm or cool and you try to wear neutral a foundation color, your coloring will look washed out and flat.

Now that you have figured out your coloring, we need to decide the depth of your skin tone. Are you light, medium or deep?

The best way to determine this is to think about how your skin reacts to sunlight and exposure.

  • Pale/light skin burns very easily.
  • Medium skin tans with some redness.
  • Deep skin tans very easily.

Now that you have figured out your tonal and depth coloring, apply and blend a small amount of the selected foundation on your jaw line. If there is no difference between your jaw line and your neck, you have the right color. Ask a friend or someone with a good eye for color to help you determine if the color blends well with your skin.

Color Correctors and Concealing

OKAY. You have found your skin tone color and you want to take your look a step further. Adding color correctors to your application regimen will give you the tools to create a whole new complexion.

While our mineral makeup provides great coverage, there are still issues that may need extra attention.

Color correctors come in a variety of colors. These colors are meant to counteract their opposing shade on the color wheel. Notice on the color wheel below that green is directly inline with red. The green will counteract red. So, if you have redness on your cheeks or nose from rosacea or broken capillaries, apply a light dusting of our Conceal-It Green over that area before applying your foundation. The same method applies to other opposing colors, dark blue circles under your eyes, use Conceal-It Yellow or Peach. To brighten the whole face, apply a light layer of Conceal-It Violet.

12 part color wheel

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