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Tips & Tricks


  1. Mix 2 shades together to custom blend your foundation.
  2. Have you ever heard the saying “Highlight the valleys and shadow the mountains?”
    Using multiple shades you can create a whole different look: Close set eyes, apply a lighter shade between your eyes to give the appearance of wider set eyes and vise verse.
  3. Create a tinted moisturizer by adding some of your foundation mix to one of our serums or moisturizers. This will also help fill in large pores.
  • Our foundation can be applied wet or dry.  By using a dampened flocked sponge or moist taklon brush, you can apply you mineral foundation with the wet method.
  • If you have larger pores, mix some of your foundation with your moisturizer to help fill them in, then apply your foundation as normal.


Eye Shadows

  1. Using a shade that contrasts with your eye color will make the eye “pop” or stand out. If you match your eye color, it will cancel out the look and color of your eyes.
  2. You can layer the MeLange Eyeshadows from the lightest hue to the deepest shade you desire. You control the depth of the shade.
  3. MeLange Eyeshadows can be applied wet for a very dramatic look or dry for a softer natural look.
  4. MeLange Eyeshadows can multi-task too!
        • Use a fine brush to apply as a eyeliner (wet or dry).
        • Dip the end of your DMAE Lip Balm in them to create your own custom lip gloss or lip shade. This can be done             with blush shades too!
        • Mix shades together to create your very own custom eye color.
  5. Did you know you can make your very own custom color nail polish??
    Just get some clear nail polish and mix any of our shades in it. You will have to shake it for a while to make sure it gets mixed in well! Ta~da….. your personal shade that nobody else has!
  6. Mix a little natural colored shadow powder, like Inspired Sunset, with your body lotion to add some sparkle and shine to your skin.
  7. Make your own lip glossy by adding your favorite shade to a clear glossy!


  1. Smile! See those apples? Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, sweep along the cheekbone to the hairline. This prevents you from getting your blush too low!
  2. Apply blush to cheeks, forehead, chin and tip of your nose, (lightly) to create a “sun kissed” look.
  3. Use your blush shade as a lip color. Dip your DMAE Lip Balm into your blush, again lightly (a little goes a long way) and apply to your lips!
  4. Our blush shades are very highly pigmented and only a few grains are needed to see great color.  Use a light hand when applying.  To lighten a blush shade once it is applied, either go over it with a light layer of your foundation or before application mix a little of your finishing powder with it to tone down the intensity.


Prime, Conceal and Correct

  • Using our Prime on your eyelids will help keep your eyeshadow in place all day long~
  • Conceal-It is a great shadow primer as well as a concealing tool.
  • To cover "hard to cover" blemishes, use Conceal-It and a firm brush to stipple the blemish, then apply your foundation to blend.
  • Use Conceal-It under the eye area to conceal dark circles.  Yes, you will look like a reverse raccoon, but once you have concealed apply your foundation going over the area to blend the colors.  This will also brighten the eyes.
  • Color correctors are used for correcting skintone issues.  They are to be applied before your foundation application.  Use a light layer of our color correctors to correct your skintone as listed below:
    • Conceal-It Pink ~ Use to brighten a dull complexion.
    • Conceal-It Blue ~ Great for dark under eye circles.
    • Conceal-It Yellow ~ Camouflage for bluish discolorations such as under eye circles and bruises.
    • Conceal-It Violet ~ Brightens dark discolorations and enlivens the complexion.
    • Conceal-It Peach ~ Adds depth and warmth to ruddy complexions.
    • Conceal-It Green ~ Reduces redness from rosacea, broken capillaries and continuous blushers.
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